Quiz: Even The SMARTEST Nurse Couldn't Get 100% On This Nursing Quiz


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Nurse slang and langauge quiz. Nurse slang. Do you know nurse lingo? How well can you guess these nurse phrases?

 Feb 28, 2018

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What is the slang term nurses use for panicky new parents?
Stream Team

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How many bones are in the human body?

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Which of the following was is NOT helpful to treat a common cold?

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Which of the following do you only have one of?

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What happens when you shiver?
your body is craving sleep
your body is burning calories
your body is trying to warm itself up

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What is a "lantern test"?
To shine a pen light into a patient's mouth
A test to see if the doctor is meeting
Providing bedside care

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An Obstetrician specializes in _______.
pregnancy and child birth
heart surgery

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"FTF" stands for ______.
For Treatment Farts
Forever to Fall
Failure to Fly

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Where is the gluteus maximus located?

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What is the medical term for oil?

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"Flu Season" in the U.S usually peaks during which month?

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Which of the following is a warning sign of a heart attack?
Pain in the left arm
Vertigo upon moving
Headache in forehead

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A "frequent flyer" is someone that _____.
a visiting doctor
is a regular patient in the hospital
runs around a lot

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How long does it take for your food to be fully digested?
2-3 days
6-8 hours
1-2 hours

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If you are sick, your ____ blood cell count is low.

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What does it mean to have a terminal disease?
It is viral
It is long term
It is fatal

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Which is the average body temperature?

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A nurse who works with babies is known as what?
pediatric nursing
oncology nurse
neonatal nurse
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