Quiz: Do You Know How To Properly Handle Emergency Situations?

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Could you handle in an emergency?

Emergency quiz. Emergency situation quiz. Could You Handle an Emergency? What to Do in a Scary Situation.

 Apr 12, 2016

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The most dangerous spot to be in during an earthquake is ____________
under a desk
against an interior wall
your kitchen

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If you see a tornado and you are stuck in your car you should AVOID ___________
getting out of your car
seeking shelter under a bridge
underground parking

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You're at an airport when a woman you don't know tells you her "chest hurts" you __________
ask her for more symptoms so you know what action to take
should act as if it's a heartattack and call 911
Tell her to sit down and then get to your terminal

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You and your friend are surfing when she starts screaming. You get her safely to shore and see that a shark has bitten her, and caused her to bleed excessively. You should ____________
have someone call 911 and put direct pressure on the site while you wait
have someone call 911 and calm them down while you wait
have someone call 911 and apply a tourniquet while you wait

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You're at a bank when a robber enters the store and tells everyone to get down on their stomachs, you should _____________
negotiate a deal with her to let you free
comply with her demands and avoid eye contact
rally everyone to charge her when she's not looking

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You're in the woods when a black bear confronts you. You should ________
stand up as tall as you can and hold your arms up to appear bigger
try to outrun the bear
play dead

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Your car plunges into a river, you should __________
wait until the water pressure is equalized before trying to get out.
try to drive it ashore
immediately unfasten your seatbelt and try to get out
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