Quiz: Could You Be A Master Chef?

Master chef, food

You can poor a bowl of cereal, but can you fold egg whites?

This is a quiz that will help you to determine your cooking skills to see if you could actually be a Master Chef

 Feb 29, 2016

1 of 7Choose your answer:

The boiling point of water is ________
102° F
212° F
high on the stove knob

2 of 7Choose your answer:

Master chef, food
The bain-marie method is for _______
melting chocolate
searing mushrooms
boiling chicken

3 of 7Choose your answer:

Master chef, food
A ganache is made of _______
chocolate and cream
chocolate and egg whites
water and sugar

4 of 7Choose your answer:

Master chef, food
Hollandaise sauce's main ingredients are________
egg white and milk
butter and poached egg
egg yolk and liquid butter

5 of 7Choose your answer:

_________ means to slice vegetables into long thin strips

6 of 7Choose your answer:

Master chef, food
In order to prevent grey rings when boiling eggs, ______
put them in ice water immediately after being removed from boiling water
use salt and vinegar
boil them for longer and allow them to cool naturally

7 of 7Choose your answer:

Vanilla comes from
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