Quiz: Can You Pass This English SAT Test For 10-Year-Olds?

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These 12 questions from the 2015 Key Stage 2 SAT test taken by 10 and 11 year old kids.

Take our education quiz to see what your kids are getting out of their education. Parents are up in arms of this test! What do you think?

 Jun 01, 2016
1 of 12What word completes the sentence below?
The children played ___________ it was time to go inside
2 of 12Pick your answer!
The teacher asked me ________ I was feeling alright.
3 of 12Pick your answer!
Every morning, Jane turns off her alarm and _______ out of bed.
is leaping
4 of 12Pick your answer!
I haven't seen my friend _____________ he came back from his vacation.
5 of 12Which word in the sentence below describes how Alyssia crossed the road?
Alyssa looked both ways before crossing the road safely.
6 of 12Pick your answer!
Which should end with a question mark?
Do not run in the corridor
Do you enjoy reading
Do plenty of exercise
7 of 12Pick the correct plural to complete the sentence!
Both of the __________ climbed the ladder.
8 of 12Pick your answer!
What is the purpose of an exclamation mark at end of a sentence?
To indicate something surprising or exciting
To show a detailed description
To show the continuation of an idea
9 of 12Pick the most suitable word to complete the sentence!
Allan still managed to smile ________ he was feeling very tired
10 of 12In the sentence below, what kind of a word is "stand"?
Stand up and put your chairs under the table.
A verb
A noun
An article
11 of 12Pick your answer!
Which sentence is a command?
Go to the park at noon
Shouldn't we head to the building be the exit
The dinosaur exhibition is very popular
12 of 12Pick your answer!
Which sentence uses a question mark correctly?
"When? do the clocks go back?" asked Amber.
"When do the clocks go back"? asked Amber.
"When do the clocks go back?" asked Amber.
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