Quiz: Can You Pass the Ultimate "Thelma & Louise" Test?

Thelma And Louise, movies/tv

"My husband wasn't sweet to me. Look how I turned out."

The trickiest quiz about your favorite cinematic BFFs ever: Thelma and Louise. How well do you remember this crazy duo?

 Jun 17, 2016
1 of 15Thelma and Louise set out for a _____________
Thelma And Louise
month-long trip to the Caribbean
visit to Thelma's grandma's house
two-day vacation
2 of 15Thelma is married to a __________ man named Darryl
Thelma And Louise
3 of 15What does Thelma bring with her on the trip?
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
Her son
A gun
Her favorite pair of slippers
4 of 15The two girls stop off for ________ at a roadhouse
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
a drink
a rest
5 of 15Who tries to force himself on Thelma?
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
Louise's boyfriend
6 of 15“In the future, when a woman is cryin’ like that, ____________”
Thelma And Louise
she needs a tissue
she isn’t having any fun
get her a drink
7 of 15What does Thelma decide to do after Louise kills Harlan?
Thelma And Louise
Go back home to her husband in hopes that he'll forgive her
Report her to the police
Join her on the run
8 of 15What state does Louise refuse to drive through?
Thelma And Louise
9 of 15Who is this guy?
Thelma And Louise
J.D., a guy who Thelma is smitten with
Jimmy, Louise's boyfriend
Detective Hal Slocumb, who looks into Louise's murder
10 of 15What does Thelma do with the tactics she learns from J.D.?
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
She smuggles illegal animals across the border with her
She goes fly fishing
She robs a convenience store
11 of 15The FBI _____________ at Darryl and Thelma's house
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
break into the outdoor shed
steal the pillows
tap the phones
12 of 15What does Thelma do to the New Mexico state trooper that pulls them over?
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
She holds him at gunpoint and locks him in the trunk of his car
She confesses all of her and Louise's crimes and lets him take them in
She seduces him
13 of 15What do Thelma and Louise do when the gross truck driver harasses them?
Thelma And Louise
They lock him in the trunk of his car
They blow up his fuel tanker
They take him hostage
14 of 15Where do the authorities corner Thelma and Louise?
Thelma And Louise, movies/tv
At Yellowstone
At the edge of the Grand Canyon
At Lake Tahoe
15 of 15What do the girls do instead of being taken in by the FBI?
They opt for "a sweet surrender"
The choose to "end it now"
The decide to "keep going"
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