Quiz: Can You Complete This Ancient Psychology Test Without Breaking Down?

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It'll drive you nuts!

Can You Pass This Ancient Psychology Test. Ancient Psychology exam to take. Exam with complex moral questions.

 Dec 01, 2016
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Take a deep breath. When you're ready, click an option below!
K. Guess I'm ready...
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You're on a lifeboat with 30 people intended for 7 people. No one can paddle and it's definitely going to sink.
Okay, now what?
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You can save some people, by tossing all of the people except for the strongest rowers. What do you do?
Let the boat sink
Save the strong rowers
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Your friend needs money in order to pay her rent or she will be homeless.
Got it
5 of 10Pick your answer!
Her only option is stealing from a bank. She begs you to help her. What do you do?
Help out
Report her
6 of 10Pick your answer!
You work 20 hours a day making baskets. One day your sister from business school tells you, no one will buy a single basket in 2 years. How do you feel?
Disappointed because you're out of work
Happy because no one will profit from your ill treatment
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A train is heading down a track and about to run over your mom tied to the track. There's only enough time to pull a lever to send the train down a different track.
8 of 10Pick your answer!
You see tied to the other side of the track is your BFF who recently saved your life.
Whoa... okay
Got it
9 of 10Pick your answer!
What do you do?
Save your mom
Pass out
Save your friend
10 of 10Pick your answer!
A truck passes you and a bag full of ancient gold coins worth millions falls off. If you keep it, no one would no the wiser. What do you do?
Whoa bro...
Return it
Keep it
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