Quiz: Can You Ace The Ultimate Poet's Slang Test?

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Do you know the Shakespearean way?

Check and see ho well you know these words that poets know. How many words do you know about poetry?

 Jul 19, 2017
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Shakespeare wrote _______, poems that were fourteen lines of written in iambic pentameter.
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What is poetry slam?
A competition where poets share their original work
When you ruin your poetry
A type of insult directed towards poets
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What are "couplets"?
Couples who write poetry together
Two successive rhyming lines
A person who recites poetry for old people
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What is "alliteration"?
Alluding to something in your past for poetry
The repetition of identical consonant sounds
The careful pronunciation of words that start with "A"
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What's a "paradox"?
The story of an anti-hero
A seemingly absurd contradiction that is nonetheless true.
A tale with a hero
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If you've written an octave you've __________
written poetry about love
created a note for a song
written the first eight lines of an Italian or Petrarchan sonnet
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A traditional Japanese poem of three lines is _______
a haiku
called a Tokyo drift
an anime
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What is poem, derived from the theater that addresses an internal listener?
Dramatic monologue
Heroic couplet
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A six-line stanza or unit of poetry is __________
pyrrhic foot
a sexit
a sestet
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__________ describes a speakers choice of words
Speech pattern
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