Quiz: Can You Ace The Ultimate "Friends" Quiz?

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Test how well you remember this 90s classic, one of the best sitcoms of all time: Friends. Join Rachel and Monica here!

 Jun 18, 2016
1 of 12On what special day does Rachel go to find her old friend Monica Gellar?
Friends, movies/tv
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Hat bat-mitzvah
Her wedding day
2 of 12What does Phoebe do for a living?
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
She's masseuse and musician
She's a nurse
She's a business professional
3 of 12Where does Rachel work when she first moves in with Monica?
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
The Empire Steak Building
Statue of Pastries
Central Perk
4 of 12Phoebe has a twin sister named ________ that dates Joey
Friends, phoebe, movies/tv
5 of 12Who is Chandler's ex-girlfriend?
Friends, movies/tv
6 of 12Finish the lyric: "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, ___________"
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
they should have left you in a zoo
what are you going to do
it's not your fault
7 of 12What is Monica allergic to?
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
Cat hair
8 of 12Finish this line!
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
"P as in Phoebe, H as in hoebe, O as in oebe, E as in eebe, B as in boebe and E as in _________"
'Ello there mate!
9 of 12What's Joey's go-to pick up line?
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
How you doin'?
Hey cutie
Yo girl
10 of 12Where does Joey get his clothes for Monica and Chandler's wedding?
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
A children's store
A gift shop
11 of 12Ross's monkey is named __________
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
12 of 12Ross and Rachel have a daughter named ___________
Friends, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Television
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