Quiz: Can You Ace The Ultimate "Blazing Saddles" Challenge?

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 Jun 19, 2016
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Question: 1/10What era is the new railroad being constructed in?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
The Roaring 20s
The Renaissance Period
American Old West

Question: 2/10Why does Lyle have to reroute the railroad?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Lyle's husband wants it to go straight to his house
It runs into quicksand
Cattle keep crossing over it

Question: 3/10What's odd about everyone in Rock Ridge?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
All of their last names are Johnson
They all have an extra finger
They all listen to hiphop

Question: 4/10Why does everyone in Rock Ridge want a new sheriff?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
They keep getting attacked by a gang of thugs
They want new rules
They want someone more attractive than the one they have

Question: 5/10The people constantly call Hedley Lamar, what?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Lamar Odom

Question: 6/10Bart's sidekick Jim is also known as ___________

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
"The Lone Ranger"
"The Waco Kid"
"Hip Ster"

Question: 7/10What does Bart get the town to do before Lamarr's henchmen come to town?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Blow up the town
Build a fake town as a diversion
Abandon the town

Question: 8/10What diversion does Bart make while the town makes replicas of themselves?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
He makes them give him the secret password
He builds a tollbooth so they have to turnaround to get dimes
He creates an explosion

Question: 9/10Where does Bart invite Jim to go with him after he defeats Lamar?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
The Grand Canyon
"Nowhere special"
Paris, "for romance"

Question: 10/10What do Bart and Jim ride off in?

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
A chauffeured limousine
A horse and a mule
A camel and a donkey
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