Quiz: A True “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Fan Will Get 10/15 On This

nightmare before christmas
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Quiz yourself on your favorite Halloween AND Christmas movie.

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" movie quiz. Tim Burton movie quiz. Jack Skellington. How well do you know Tim Burton movies?

 Dec 15, 2017
1 of 15What does Jack disguise himself as to hide in Christmas Town?
nightmare before christmas
A lightpole
A gingerbread man
A snowman
2 of 15"There's color everywhere, what's this, there's white _____"
nightmare before christmas
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people here
on the ground
things in the air
3 of 15Where do Jack and Sally confess their love to each other?
nightmare before christmas
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The graveyard's hill
Valentine's Town
Christmas Town
4 of 15What ingredient does Sally use to knock out Dr. Finkelstein?
nightmare before christmas
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Toad heart
Mummy dust
5 of 15What animals do the elves ride in Halloween Town?
nightmare before christmas
Polar bears
6 of 15What is on the end of Zero's nose?
nightmare before christmas
A tiny jack-o-lantern
A red bulb
A snow globe
7 of 15What does Jack reveal when he pulls on Oogie's threads?
nightmare before christmas
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He is a collection of snakes and insects
He is a ghost
He's Jack Skellington from Christmas future
8 of 15Where does Jack land when the police shoot him down?
nightmare before christmas
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A playground
A grave yard
Halloween Town
9 of 15Sally tries to stop Jack from being Santa by creating a magical ____.
nightmare before christmas
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10 of 15What kind of a sleigh does Jack use to deliver gifts?
nightmare before christmas
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One pulled by an elephant
A pumpkin shaped one
A coffin shaped one
11 of 15Which holiday character do the trick-or-treaters accidentally kidnap?
A leprechaun
Easter bunny
12 of 15Sally, the rag doll woman, has a vision of __________
nightmare before christmas
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Santa Clause's sleigh
a burning Christmas tree
Sugar plum fairies and candy canes
13 of 15Jack goes into the door that takes him to _____ Town
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14 of 15Jack Skellington is the "__________"
nightmare before christmas
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Pumpkin King
Skeleton Master
Scare Ruler
15 of 15______ Town is a fantasy world filled with monsters, ghosts and witches
nightmare before christmas
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