QUIZ: 90's or 00's: Which Decade Are You, Actually?


Are you more VHS or DVD? This is the internal battle of the decades!

'90s Or '00s Kid. '90s Or '00s Kid quiz. This is quiz about 90s pop culture. How well do you know the 90s.

 Mar 23, 2016
1 of 8Pick your answer!
What did you trade at recess?
Digimo cards
Pokemon cards
2 of 8Pick your answer!
You always got at least two _____________ for your birthday parties
VHS copies of Oliver & Company
Juicy Tubes
Bop Its
3 of 8Pick your answer!
Which kids' TV show taught you what it meant to be an adult?
All That
Dawson's Creek
4 of 8Pick your answer!
You always made your mom get you __________ so you could rock them on your feet for the first day of school
Adidas Slide Sandals
Dr. Martens
5 of 8Pick your answer!
Your parents bought you _______ to avoid having to get you a dog
Game Gear
Super Famicom
Nintendo 64
6 of 8Pick your answer!
When you went to the grocery store your mom always had to tell you to stop asking for ________
Altoids' Tangerine Sours
Fruit Roll-Ups
7 of 8Pick your answer!
________ was definitely on your Christmas list one year
Betty Spaghetty
A Razor Scooter
Dora’s Talking Cash Register
8 of 8Pick your answer!
How did you watch "Friends"?
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