You've Been Making Coffee All Wrong


It all comes down to math and simplicity.

The secret to tapping into the best cup of coffee might all boil down to math. According to mathematicians at The University of Limerick, it's the size of the coffee grains that really makes a difference.

The coffee loving researchers found that smaller grains created a more bitter taste, their studies also revealed that large coffee grounds brew a weaker and smokey pot of coffee.

The researchers have hope that their findings will lead to the creation of the perfect coffee machine, one with uniform settings so that every cup is brewed to perfection.

Until that machine is made, here's some steps we brewed up to make the perfect brew!

Toss Your Automatic Drip

Ever see those first few drops that sizzle when they hit the empty coffee decanter? It's your coffee burning and we all know that can spoil an entire pot. Higher end drip coffee makers have gotten better, but you'll have to shell out a lot of cash a passable brew.

Remember, Boiling Water = Burnt Coffee

Water temperature is a key part of brewing a great cup of Joe. Boiling water is too hot, and will make the coffee excessively bitter. The ideal temperature is between 196-205 degrees F. That is to say, make sure the water has completely stopped bubbling after bringing it to boil, but don't wait too long to start pouring.

Opt For A French Press

The key is to pour just a little bit of hot water in at first to release the coffee from the grind. Then, pour the rest in slowly. Stir the grounds after a minute, and then wait six minutes before pressing down on the plunger.