You're Hired: Donald Trump's White House Squad Goals

donald trump

Need work? The president-elect is giving out job offers.

The Short of It:

The president-elect is making job offers.

The Longer Version of It:

Donald Trump has quite a bit of positions to fill on his White House team before he gets to work in January. He spent this weekend courting potential candidates for his squad.

Already making the team are...

Senator Jeff Sessions (Republican-AL) had been nominated for Attorney General. The Senate will have to give their sign of approval before his job title becomes official, but there are potential hangups. In the 80s, Sessions was blocked from the Senate for a federal judge position after multiple people came forward to give accounts of racist comments he had made to them in the past.

*Representative. Mike Pompeo (Republican-KS) has been nominated to head up the CIA. Pompeo serves on the House Intelligence Committee and was on a committee that looked into the Benghazi attack.

Retired Lieutenant General Mike Flynn has been nominated as Trump's national security adviser. He spent three decades in the military and has pushed for the US to be more aggressive in the fight against ISIS. He's also been harshly critical of the Islamic faith, saying that "fear of Muslims is rational."

Reince Priebus has been nominated as Trump's Chief of Staff. Before that, Priebus headed up the Republican National Committee for years.

Steve Bannon has been nominated as chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon used to run Breitbart News, a far right media outlet. While Bannon was in charge there, Breitbart published anti-semitic, racist, and misogynistic stories. After Bannon was appointed by Trump, white nationalists including former KKK leader David Duke gave the thumbs up.

The Takeaway:

As of now, no one is entirely certain of what a Trump administration will look like, but fear that it might not be what they expected and that it's exactly what they expected is setting in. Many of Trump's first appointments went to controversial people who've been loyal to him in the past, but have also been a part of the very swamp he pledged to drain.