Twitter Proves 'Women Who Vote Trump' Don't Know Why They're Voting For Him

Donald Trump supporters, women for trump
Huffington Post

Twitter's latest political trend has everyone scratching their heads even its tweeters.

If you haven't heard anyone use the expression "the lesser of two evils" regarding who they're voting for, congratulations! You've found yourself in a circle that has quickly been able to take the comments and actions of an incessant racist, xenophobic, misogynistic advocate for sexual assault and come to the conclusion that Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton cannot be included in this realm of "evil vs. evil".

The rest of the country is finding itself watch groups of people stand strong to an ever sinking anchor that will inevitably bring the ship down based on party loyalty and lack of information. The surprising thing is, there's a population in the groups that have been targeted by said incessant racist, xenophobic, misogynist that have decided to side with the actual bad guy

In the wake of the most recent series of sexual assault allegations against GOP nominee Donald Trump, in addition to a video in which he boasts about violating women, female supporters of the nominee haven't dropped their signs and run over to the "other dark side" but instead have come together to form the #WomenWhoVoteTrump hashtag. Eager to understand why it is these women would vote for someone who is so clearly not in support of them have rallied for him anyways, I went to Twitter for answers. A look at the top tweets on the hashtag quickly made things clear, these female supporters of Trump can only tear down Clinton for being a "liar," a bitch, a "murderer" and oh yeah the victim in her husband's "extramarital affairs". They're not entirely capable of coming up with a conclusion that validates their reason for choosing Trump based on his own merit and qualifications. Twitter's latest trend is putting a spotlight on this alarming insight.

stick to your own kind

The latest Twitter trend goes to show that all Trump supporters have in their support of the GOP candidate is their devotion to make a vote against Clinton. That hurling attacks at Clinton who has proposed serious policies that are open to compromise versus Trump whose policies will be upheld by lack of experience and fear-mongering is easier than pointing out the reasons why they actually think Trump would make a good president for our country.