Why Staying Off Social Media Is The Best Thing For Your Relationship

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Put a hold on posting that selfie for a moment.

Who was it that said that in this era of instant internet connection, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Vine that dating could be easy? Right. No one.


In the age of "Facebook relationship statues" and quick uploads of selfie clips on Instagram and a history of who saw your story on Snapchat it's difficult to want to steer clear of showing off your love online. Truth is though, the more and more we see updates from friends doing kissy faces and carpool karaokes with their loves, it's tough not to want to do the same For one, in the culture of "pics or it didn't happen, so many of us feel like it's necessary to share pictures as proof that we're not alone. There's also the fact that pics of you loving the one you're with seem to also act as validation that you two aren't just the bees knees, but also a pair to be reckoned with. Steady.

But as we use social media as a way of validating our self-worth, it's a good thing to remember that it's actually not a good idea to do that, especially in the name of validating the strength of our relationships. After all studies have revealed that the amount of times a person posts pics with their partner subtly reveals just how secure they are in their relationship. Take a look:

1. Live in the moment, forget about giving an update

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Anyone happy in their relationship should ought to want to be fully present. That means embracing what's right in front of them and truly just enjoying that moment. Snapping a pic for the memories is one thing, but going through the process of uploading a shot and creating a snippet about it takes time away from the one you're with. Don't get distracted by trying to put on a display for someone not enjoying the moment with you.

2. Keep the problems to yourself


No one needs an update on that argument that you're having with your guy, let's be real. While you might enjoy a good drama being played out on your FB wall, remember that at the end of the day that part of you realizes that you're witnessing the unraveling or throes of a truly unhealthy relationship.

3. Only 2 people should have to validate your relationship


You and yours.That's because the only person that should be able to validate your happiness in your relationship is you and your partner. Forget likes and hearts, turn to your spouse for that one.

4. Remember you've got nothing to prove


We all know that not all of our "friends" on FB are our real friends, and the ones that are just want to know your happy. They don't need proof of your happiness plastered all over their newsfeed as validation either. Word from you should be good enough.