Why Justin Timberlake Still Regrets That Denim Look With Britney

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

"It was such a crazy time.”

Yesterday, Justin Timberlake sat down with the hosts of the Australian entertainment show "The Project" and was asked the question: "What have you learned about the [music] industry that you didn't know when you were in 'NSYNC?"


He responded, "If you wear denim-on-denim, it will get documented." The comment was greeted with quite a bit of laughter from the hosts. That's because it's true. Everyone remembers the Canadian suit couple's outfit JT wore with then-girlfriend Britney Spears to the American Music Awards back in 2001. A blazer, fedora, and pants made from patches of recycled denim. Britney's ensemble was similar but in gown form. The iconic outfit actually just saw it's 15th anniversary this weekend, but, for Justin, the choice to go denim was just one of a slew of crazy fashion mistakes. “Did you see the outfits we wore?! It was just … It was such a crazy time,” he said. “The world was different. The music industry was different.”


Still, it looks like Justin hasn't entirely learned his lesson. One host chimed in on the giggles by letting JT know "I heard it's coming back!" To which Justin said, "You know what, I don't even think I could bring that back," but then followed up with "If it's worn properly [it could be brought back]."

Le sigh. No worries, JT, we're all still learning from our 90s mistakes.