When Netflix Doesn’t Understand: 7 Places To Stream Your Favorite Movies


There's tons of free sites out there!

Behold the never to be forgotten memory we've all experienced!


It's Friday and you just got paid. All you want to do is Grubhub, munch and stream Bridget Jones Diary on Netflix.


But what is this?


Not Bridget Jones, not Titanic. Not "Sex and The City"! All of those episodes of "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" have been taken down!!!


You've hit a Netflix wall of despair.


What do you do in the face of uncertainty and Netflix recommendations because you watched "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" LAST weekend?

Know this: you have options. AND we put together a list of sites you can LEGALLY stream videos and tv shows from. Most of 'em: free.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix offers subscribers the right mix to you, on which you can watch movies online for free. Your selection's not gonna be all together stellar, but you will have access to some pretty decent indie film, comedy and science fictions along with a dash of Hollywood movies makes it a decent alternative to Netflix.

Pricing: Free

The Internet Archive

On days when Netflix is too much and doesn't have enough go for The Internet Archive and you shouldn't be disappointed. It hides some of the best classic flicks like, "Charlie Shanghaied" and the "Phantom of the Opera". You''ll really have to dig into the website to get what you want.

Price: Free


Viewster can be a great source for some unusual content that differentiates it from the other streaming services. Anime and indie geeks can look forward to catching "Korean Drama" to the genre of "Critical Darlings".

Price: Free


Even though Vimeo is typically pact full of experimental student films, it does offer some decent collections On-Demand. It functions similarly to YouTube where you can also upload your own projects that you've made.

Price: Free, On-Demand

Classic Cinema Online

Old Hollywood movies geeks will love this Netflix alternative. Vintage and classic movies are about on this site where you can get a decent collection of movies and shows.

Price: Free

Prime/Amazon Instant Video

Amazon addicts will love/hate this Netflix alternative. Amazon Prime/Instant Video offers two different services in this category. Amazon Prime version subscribers can either buy or rent instant video AND stream unlimited movies and TV shows

Price: Instant Video – Buy for $14.99 & Rent at a starting price of $2.99 for 24 hours

Prime – $6.58 per month

Hulu Plus

Top TV networks like ABC, NBC and Fox paired with Hulu to bring streamers an excellent alternative to Netflix. It's virtually available on all devices and offers high-quality content.

Price: $7.99 per month


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