Well Isn't That Ironic: Donald Trump Has The Sniffles

donald trump

Somebody get this guy some Claritin...

The first of three presidential debates kicked off on Monday and brought Trump and Clinton together to discuss the ways in which they'll face the issues of the country as president. Twitter dove head first into the irony pool when Donald Trumps sniffle turned into a hint that the presidential candidate might be coming down with something.

Given Trump's recent direction of attention aimed at the health of Hillary Clinton and her recent bout of illness, Twitter users were entertained by the notion that the democratic nominee who was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier this month was looking better than the sniffling, runny nosed Trump who looked rather worse for wear. Once again, Twitter has proved that in sickness and in health, they'll be there to bring on the wrath of memes and jokes.

Check it out:

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