Vice Versa: The VP Debate Happened Last Night

presidential debate, vp

The VP throw down wasn't that interesting...

The Short of It:

Last night, two plain ol' dads took to a stage to debate while wearing suits. Nobody won.

The Longer Version of It:

Yesterday marks the "hello- goodbye" portion of the vice presidential debate of the 2016 cycle. The vice presidential debate, which took place at Longwood University in Virginia was the first and last time voters will get to suss up the future deputy to the future commander-in-chief. No surprise the long debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence was about as interesting as watching two dads talk little league baseball strategy-- it was about as lackluster an affair as the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that we watched last week.

Wait who were the candidates?

In GOP nominee Donald Trump's corner was Governor Mike Pence of Indiana. (Heads up: he might be getting a 'you're fired' today.) In Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's corner it was Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia (the DILF of political yesteryear). The spar was moderated by CBS reporter, Elaine Quijano who had to remind both candidates whose turn it was to talk.

*Here's what the candidates talked about(

Tax returns... because Trump's tax records just got leaked this past weekend and everyone's scratching their head as to why such a "big millionaire" didn't pay federal income taxes for 18 years after taking a $900+ million hit to the bank back in '95.

Terrorism... because Kaine and Pence wanted to break a record to see how many times two people could say '9/11' in two minutes. Kaine jabbed at Trump for dodging the IRS while Clinton fought rebuild NYC after the attack.

Race relations... because both Kaine and Pence were able to agree that the relationship between black communities and local police departments needs to see a change. Kaine tackled Trump's stop-and-frisk proposal, declaring them as too aggressive, while Pence jabbed at Clinton's comment about "implicit bias" which he thinks demeans local PDs.

Social Security... because everyone ha the federal tax cap in their range. Kaine reminded Pence that Clinton plans to adjust the federal tax cap in a choice over dabbling in risky schemes to privatize social security. Pence worried the plan would put the US in a "mountain range of debt."

Russia… because Kaine suspects Trump and Pence are having a bromance withRussian President Vladimir Putin.

Feelings... because let's be real, no body has had anything nice to say. Kaine took issue with Pence's inability to defend his own boss while Pence thought Clinton's campaign was overwrought with "insult-driven" agendas.

Religion... because abortion just can't be glossed over. Pence pledged his pro-life allegiance while Kaine declared his pro-choice values (now that he's with her).

The Takeaway:

Last night's debate proved that the fun antics of Joe Biden will fall into the abyss of a bygone era. By the end of the debate neither candidate ended up looking particularly great. Kaine laid down the facts with accuracy and confidence and tossed several attacks against Trump that effectively tore him down. However, Kaine's browbeating methods against Pence also came across as too aggressive and non presidential. His approach to the debate was not unlike the constant slew of comments by Trump at last week's debate-- moderator Elaine Quijano had to ask Kaine various times to wait his turn. On the other end, it's difficult not to suspect Pence's seemingly calm demeanor as one that wasn't truly aware of why he was there. In truth, Pence never seemed to have much of a response to any of Kaine's questions or prods. (And no Pence, shaking your head and sighing under your breath doesn't act as an effective counterargument.)