Update: Nice France Truck Driver Identified


84 people killed, 52 people in critical condition.

The Short of It:

84 people were killed and dozens more injured last night in an attack in Nice, France.

The Longer Version of It:

As crowds of people watched fireworks and celebrated Bastille Day, a white truck plowed through the crowd after firing several rounds at three police officers stationed close to a hotel. Witnesses have said that the driver rammed through the crowd at a speed of nearly 25 mph for more than one mile before eventually being shot and killed by police. Police discovered a handgun and ammunition amongst the carnage. French President Hollande has sense come forth calling the incident "a terrorist act" and extended the country's state of emergency in the country. The status has been in place since the ISIS attacks in Paris that took place last November.

What Do We Know So Far?

While no terrorist group has claimed the attack yet, the man involved has been identified by authorities as a French-Tunisian resident of Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel. Bouhel was a delivery driver who had been sentenced just this past year to a six-month suspended prison sentence on charges of violence, but was not on the radar of intelligence services.

The Takeaway:

The motives and of the attacker remain to be identified, but if one thing is clear about this senseless act of terrorism, it is that like many of the prior terrorist attacks in the region, terrorists are targeting significant holidays and regions during a time of celebration.