Up In Smoke: Democratic Party Wants To Drop Marijuana Laws

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Democrats come out blazing.

The Short of It:

The Democratic Party approved a draft of the party's official 2016 policy platform which included support for the "future legalization" of marijuana by calling for the drug to be downgraded from its Class 1 Federal Controlled Substance status.

The Longer Version of It:

The Democratic party is giving marijuana, which is classified as a Schedule 1 substance of the Controlled Substance Act— the most restrictive class, a second look. In a draft of the party's official 2016 policy platform, Democrats focused on their aim to decriminalize marijuana in the near future; the policy platform acts as a formal declaration of the various positions and policies the party will take on.

Presently, the drug that your lazy roommate in college used to put in brownies, is classified amongst drugs such as bath salts, heroin, LSD and ecstasy. Federal law treats it worse than highly addictive and strong drugs like cocaine, codeine, methamphetamines and opium poppy, which are all labeled as one level lower than marijuana.

According to the Washington Post, the Democratic Party's new policy platform includes an agenda that will work to make marijuana legally accessible nationwide. Saturday afternoon, the Democratic platform committee was presented with an amendment that downgraded marijuana from its Schedule 1 status and which would also set it on a "pathway" to legal status.

The Democratic platform also includes the backing of a price on carbon, an increase in the federal minimum wage, and reform in the criminal justice system with the party's intention to "encourage better police-community relations, require the use of body cameras, and stop the use of weapons of war that have no place in our communities".

The new platform has been reported to be "formally adopted at the party's national convention," taking place at the end of July in Philadelphia.

The Takeaway:

Don't go thinking that these reforms will allow you to legally hop on the weed wagon anytime soon. The change, for now, would downgrade marijuana to a lower schedule substance that would most likely still be heavily regulated. Even so, it's a huge victory for the Democratic left wing. The change would make marijuana legal for medical use and research on a federal level. As it currently stands, marijuana's classification makes researchers conducting clinical trials on the drug through all types of hoops to test the drug's effect on the human body. So that's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for the Democratic party and SCIENCE.

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