Up and Running: NYC Back On Its Feet After Weekend Terror Scare

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The New York Times

Attempted terror attacks happened in New York and New Jersey this weekend. Minnesota saw 9 people injured at a mall.

The Short of It:

The fan was hit pretty hard over the weekend in New York City after an explosion in Chelsea injured 29 people on Saturday. The city wasn't the only place to be targeted by a suspected terrorist cell, though. New Jersey and Minnesota were affected as well.

The Longer Version of It:

After an explosion sent shock waves through a neighborhood in New York City, 29 people were injured and sent to the hospital. As of Sunday all of the victims had been released from the hospital, but police say not all is good in the hood. Investigators discovered a pressure cooker with, wiring just blocks away from the blast site, indicating the explosion was intentional.

That's not all though. Earlier that day a pipe-bomb went off in a New Jersey town where a 5K for Marines was scheduled to take place. While no one was injured, it sounded a lot like the tragic bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon back in 2013. Then, last night, police discovered a backpack in Elizabeth, New Jersey packed with five explosive devices. One of the bombs went off during police-conducted disarming procedures, luckily no one was injured. Initially, police weren't sure if the blasts in NJ and NYC were related, but according to CNN, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told reporters Monday that the bombs found over the weekend have possible "common linkage." Cuomo also said he "wouldn't be surprised if it zeroes in on a particular individual, today even," and he "wouldn't be surprised if we found a foreign connection to the act."

Now the intense investigation into the weekend blasts have lead authorities to believe there's a possible terrorist cell in the region and police have released a photograph of a 28-year-old man, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who they think might have a connection with the attack.

The two incidents in New York and New Jersey weren't the only ones to raise alarm though. Nine people at a mall in Minnesota were attacked by a man dressed as a security officer Saturday night. He was stopped when an off-duty police officer shot and killed the suspect. All of the victims survived the attack, but since news of the attack was reported, ISIS has claimed responsibility.

The Takeaway:

There's no doubt the weekend attacks have everyone on edge especially now that the UN General Assembly goes underway this week. Still, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the city's got things locked down. In response to the gathering of world leaders, New York has stepped up security across the city with an additional 1,000 New York State Police officers and National Guard troops deployed to airports, bus terminals, and subway stations.