Until We Say It's Over: Charlotte Sees Second Night of Violent Protests


Tensions over police shootings continue to rage in North Carolina

The Short of It:

Last night, as violent protests over the police shooting of another African-American man, continued to rage in Charlotte for the second night in a row one person was critically injured and four police officers were reportedly injured. The chaotic situations prompted the declaration of a state of emergency by North Carolina'n governor, Pat McCrory.

The Longer Version of It:

First, let's back it up.

All the way back to the fatal shooting that occurred in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday night, when Keith Lamont Scott a 43-year-old father of seven. Police officers had encountered Keith sitting in his car as they looked for a suspect at an apartment complex who had an outstanding warrant. Officers say that Scott had exited his car with a handgun and after ignoring various directions toto drop it, was shot and killed by an officer. Witnesses and family of Scott have said that this was impossible. That Scott while holding a book and waiting for the arrival of his son from school.

So the latest is...

Peaceful protests have turned violent for the second time in Charlotte this week, which led to the North Carolina governor's declaration of a state of emergency in the city and the National Guard was brought in. One person is on life support after reportedly being critically injured by another civilian.

The Takeaway:

As black families and the black community continue to mourn the loss of a loved one and member, hundreds of questions remain about the events that lead up to Scott's death. What's more, our nation continues to have to come to grips with the understanding that racial tension in the country is far form over.