UnReal Secrets Revealed on The Set of Everlasting

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Nothing but secrets in their pockets...

In this episode of UnREal we learn there's not enough space in Rachel's closet to lock up all of her skeletons. We finally get some back story on Rachel's "Mommy Dearest" situation and we also get the long time coming confirmation that Yael, aka Hot Rachel, is a whole lot shadier than everyone thought. In short, this episode of UnReal called "Fugitive" brought out the ugly.

Aftermath From Last Week:

There's quit a bit to sort through in this episode and it all starts with Quinn snatching back her showrunner hat from Coleman and putting the crew on damage control as rumors in real world start flying around about the show and the "police incident" from last week. Concerned after being swept off of the set from her mother in UnReal's most previous episode, Coleman grills Quinn for info about Rachel only to be ordered to leave Rachel alone. According to Quinn, things must have been pretty bad for her to have called her mom, the psychiatrist we've all been getting some major Nurse Ratchet vibes from.

Quinn does a pretty good job of holding down the fort until the crew finds out Darius has fled the hospital and is nowhere to be found. The football star shows up at a random diner to meet Ruby who really doesn't want to hear any of his apologies after he let her go on Everlasting and really doesn't care if he's realized he loves her. She doesn't want it. All knowing Jay shows up and shuttles Darius back to the Everlasting lair to be unseen for the rest of the episode. Kind of an unreal bummer that we don't get to see an emotional fallout for the football star who's cousin got shot in front of him last week by racist cops.

Coleman's Got Secrets Now Too:

After the shooting that happened in last week's episode "Ambush" Rachel dives head first into another tornado of depression and allows her pill peddling mom to hold her up in some sort of psychiatric ward and pump her with drugs and sedatives (that's right, she's a pusher, Cady). That is until dreamy Coleman comes to play knight to her distressed damsel and gets her out.

Just as soon as you were convinced Coleman might be the real thing for her, we watch him pressure drugged and round-the-bend Rachel into revealing secrets about the show on camera to him back at the Everlasting set. Why would Coleman, who only last week wanted Rachel to be his plus one to his cousin's wedding, bring her back to the show's set (which we all know drives her to crazy) for questioning? He calls it "therapeutic" Yael (AKA "Hot Rachel") calls it an exposé. Tomato, Tomahto in reality world. But you see, the thing is, now that Coleman's on the outs and no longer running the show it looks like he's willing to do anything to get what he wants. It looks like Coleman's realized all is not lost. After he caught Yael snooping in his office earlier in this episode, she reveals that she's actually an undercover reporter writing up an exposé on the dark sides of the reality show.

*(Just gonna call this now as the perfect way for Rachel to finally get to be with Adam by the end of the season who hasn't been shy at all about wanting her back without looking like a total succubus.)

What You Really Want To Know About Rachel's Closet

We've all known for awhile that Rachel had some sort of dark and twisty relationship going on with her parents and by the end of the episode it was finally out. After Rachel's mom shows up on set determined to bring her daughter back to her weird psychiatric hole of sedatives, Rachel reveals to Coleman why her mother is constantly chasing after her with pills and water in hand. As it turns out, she's been trying to "treat" (read: shut up) Rachel for years after a patient of hers raped Rachel when she was 12. All in an attempt to save her own practice. Just as soon as you think that Coleman ( who REMEMBER is supposed to love Rachel and want a big future with her) couldn't possibly even be thinking of giving up the footage he shot of her just hours before, he meets up with Yael at the end of the episode to find out what other information on the show she's got. Looks like he really is in it for the show ratings after all.

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