Trump Victory Stuns The World

donald trump

Republican voters turnout bigly.

The Short of It:

Donald Trump is the next president. Of the United States of America.

The Longer Version of It:

Republican candidate Donald Trump's election to the White House has sparked a wave of shock across the globe. Not surpisngly appears to have pleased one leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His long campaign sent a message to working class voter that they've been ripped off by the political elite for too long and that he'll be the one to dismantle the status quo. Last night it was revealed that his supporters turned out bigly, they put him over the edge in key swing states of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The victory has reminded many people of Brexit, which took place earlier this year. The enitre world did a double take when an overwhelming number of UKers voted to leave the EU. The latest election results have caused a universal dropped jaw effect with global markets taking a hard downturn for he worst. After seeing a drop in the Mexican peso to lowest levels ever last night, Mexico's central bank gathered for an emergency meeting.

The Takeaway:

Simply put, the country is angry, divided and prepping to be dragged through a garden for four years. If there's one thing the close polls reveal, it's that the racist, homophobic, and sexist sentiments that came out of this campaign really took a tole on one group and largely spoke to another. Overwhelmingly so. Unclear for now whether a Donald Trump presidency will bring everyone together.