Trump Picks "Mad Dog" For Secretary of Defense

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ABC News

This pick will have to be approved by congress.

The Short of It:

Yesterday, Donald Trump tapped retired General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis for the Defense Secretary job.

The Longer Version of It:

Mattis served in the Marines for over 40 years and lead forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was known for saying that Iran was the "single most enduring threat" to peace in the Middle East. Since retiring a few years ago, he's criticized and been very outspoken of what he says is the US's "strategy-free" approach to foreign policy. But there's one tiny problem with choosing Mattis for the role.

Because we're a government of checks and balances, the job is supposed to be filled by a U.S. civilian. US law prevents military members from taking the job within seven years of retirement. Mattis retired in 2013. So Trump will need Congress to waive that law before Mattis can get to work.

The Takeaway:

If confirmed, Mattis would be taking over the Pentagon at a time when there are few international crises to deal with (i.e. Syrian Civil War, ISIS). Some think Mattis' experience on the battlefield could help. Eyes are now on Congress to see if they agree.

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