Train Wreck: Train Crash In New Jersey Sees 1 Death and 100 Injuries

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1 woman has died and 108 people have been injured in a crash at a Hoboken, NJ station.

The Short of It:

Amidst morning rush hour commutes, a New Jersey train packed with passengers crashed into a Hoboken, New Jersey terminal killing 1 woman and injuring over 100 others.

The Longer Version of It:

Witnesses who saw the train, say it in the moments before it crashed not a terminal that it was traveling way too fast when it overran its stopping point, slammed into a bumper block, and went airborne before crashing through one of the busiest transit ups in the New York area.

Just five years ago over 30 people were injured at the same exact station when a train overran its stop. The operator of the train is Thomas Gallagher, 48, and has been an employee of New Jersey Transit for 29 years. Photos taken at the scene reveal major damage to the century-old station, where part of the station's metal roof had collapsed, mangled steel and and shattered glass spread along the ground.

Investigators are set to examine the train's black box for more information.

The Takeaway:

A probe will look at all factors that led up to the accident, including the condition of the tracks and the sleeping patters of the conductor. Recent reports of the investigation reveal one key piece of information: the train didn't have automatic breaks. While the investigation is still ongoing, many have called for action against the engineer of the train. During this time it's important to remember that the train engineer was one of the survivors of the crash, currently in critical condition, cooperating with investigators and probably suffering a great deed of culpability.