Transgender Bathroom Access Blocked By Judge

public bathrooms

To wee or not to wee

The Short of It:

A federal judge blocked an Obama administration policy that had instructed U.S. public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms which they felt comfortable using.

The Longer Version of It:

First, let us remind you.

Earlier this year in March, you'll remember North Carolina got a lot of flack from politicians, other states, and celebrities after they passed House Bill 2 (HB2), a law that restricted people to the use of public restrooms that correspond to the sex they were assigned with at birth. Lawsuits and protests of discrimination followed soon there after. President Obama even got involved when he told public schools that they were required by federal law to not interfere with what bathrooms transgender public school students preferred to use. He also hinted that federal funding would be pulled from any school that ignored the regulation. Thirteen states sued and critics called out the president in what they said was another example of him stepping out of presidential bounds.

That brings us to...

This week, when a federal judge in Texas, which was one of the 13 states that filed a lawsuit, put a pause on what the president had said and told public schools they were in charge of deciding where their students could use the restrooms.

The Takeaway:

The ruling which came yesterday could end up being quite the rock in Obama's shoe as he attempts to make his White House exit with LGBT colors streaming behind him. The timing isn't great either as tons of students will be heading back to school this week.