TMI: Joe Jonas Talks Penis Size And Losing His Virginity In An AMA

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Our favorite flat iron model dished all. That's why you gotta love Reddit.

Long gone are the reports of Joe Bros romantic dramas, purity rings and "Lovebug" tours, but our favorite Jonas did gift the world of Redditors a night of candor. So us fans can thrive off of that for a few more years.

The middle Jonas brother opened up to fans on Tuesday for his most revealing interview to date. To promote his latest video "Body Moves," the DNCE singer finally addressed those drug rumors, talked penis size and what it was like ripping off his purity ring and doing the deed for the first time with his then-girlfriend Ashley Greene.

Here's a break down of the best parts of his 'heart and soul' AMA.

On Losing His Virginity (To, duh, Ashley Green).

"I lost my virginity to this girl named Ashley," he revealed. "You can probably just Google it. It's pretty easy to figure out. I dated a girl named Ashley, so just Google it to figure out which Ashley that is. It's quite the great story because I didn't have any condoms, so I went to our drummer Jack's room, who was my roommate at the time and I demolished his room looking for them. Found them underneath his underwear drawer. When he came home, he thought somebody broke into his room because his whole room was demolished because I was in dire need. Needed to happen then and now. Safety first, kids."

On Which Joe Bro Has The Bigger Willy

"I like to think so. Although, it's not often that I'm in a locker room or shower with my brothers, so I couldn't really tell you. But, I'd like the Internet to believe that I'm still killin' it."

On Breaking Up With His Brothers and Drug Addiction Rumors

"I think that probably half of those questions are true. I was seeing a therapist and I wasn't on speaking terms with my brothers. When it happened, we were focusing on going on another tour, and we had plans to hit the road and do what we had been doing for a while. Nick brought it to the table that he wanted to focus on different things, like acting and doing music on his own. At first it was really shocking to me, because it was kind of all I had known was the Jonas Brothers, forever. So, I was pretty mad and confused because, I was like, I've been putting so much time and effort into this for so long, and now I just have to stop and figure out what's next.

And maybe I was a little envious of Nick because I knew that he already had kind of a leg up and had plans to work on music already, and he was creating and producing. So I was probably mad at him too. I remember kind of losing it a little bit, and I didn't speak to anybody. I closed myself off and we cancelled the tour and didn't really know what was going on. We were honestly trying to figure out if it was the right decision to call it off or do a final tour or final goodbye, but I think, for all of us, we did it for ten years, and it was a lot of time doing one thing. After taking some time away, I realized that maybe I could start to travel and do some other stuff. I really took a long time to figure it out and I wasn't even creating. I just traveled and tried to really find myself because I was doing this Jonas Brothers thing for so damn long. Now I think that I'm really glad I took so much time away, because I'm able to find myself and create music that I'm proud of. I started a little bit of acting and opened a restaurant. I was trying to see if maybe there was a different career path that I would go into. Ultimately, I realized that I really enjoy the music stuff, so that's really where I found home.

On the questions about the drug addition. That was all false. That probably would have made me look really cool, but unfortunately that wasn't real."

On Hooking Up With Fans

"Of course I have. Ultimately, I hope the person I'm into or date would like the music I create. Are you asking if I've hooked up with somebody that's been to one show before? Yes."

On The Perfect Dinner Date

"Dead or alive, I would definitely go with Bill Murray, he would bartend ... drunkenly bartend. Will Ferrell would be pretty sweet to have there as well. It would be funny to see the competition of who can make who laugh more. I would love to have Bob Marley in the room, and he can make us weed brownies."

And there you have it. Our favorite flat-iron god, was everything we suspected and so much more.

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