This Teen Spent $733 At Sephora On Her Mom’s Credit Card, See What Happens

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She spent $733 and then freaked out on Twitter

This is 15-year-old makeup fan Alex Dello


She tweeted a video explaining how she charged her mom's credit card

with hundreds of dollars' worth of orders from Sephora.

Alex tried to cancel the order by talking to Sephora’s customer services.

But because she wasn't the main cardholder and didn'teven having that credit card on hand, there was nothing she could do to cancel.

Almost all of twitter was freaking out for her


Alex told BuzzFeed the first thing she did was to text her mother


Alex's mom who works at a school bus driving company, told BuzzFeed News: "I panicked and at first she did not include the total. Knowing her and her love of makeup, I knew it had to have been a lot for her to be texting me."

In the end Alex's mom decided to let her daughter keep the makeup as an early Christmas present.