This 27-Year-Old Is Going To Every Country on Earth in Less Than A Year


Around the world in under 180 days

27-year-old triathlete, Cassie De Pecol, is set to make history as the first female to have visited all 196 countries on earth in less than a year. It's the fastest long-distance travel time on record.

The globetrotter from Washington, Connecticut is on a mission to leave her mark on all 196 sovereign states by the end of 2016. If successful, she'll be the first to shatter a Guinness World Record as the Fastest Person to Travel the World.


Along the way, De Pocal, who has already toured 181 countries including Kosovo, Cambodia, and the Philippines before, will be collecting water samples for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation in an effort to test for the presence of micro-plastics.

De Pecol is an advocate for world peace as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace through Tourism (IIPT) and has documented her travels for her website Expedition 196 in an attempt to raise awareness of sustainable travel.


In a post on Facebook, De Pecol says, "for me, this expedition is a matter of maximizing every single moment that I have within a given day, to absorb as much as I can with the little time that I have on this earth."


De Pecol has spent a whopping $198,000 on travel expenses which include the cost of the 245 flights she has taken. The expenses are thanks in part to sponsor donations. DePocol has also received free accommodations from eco-friendly, luxury hotels by showcasing them to her over 80,000 followers via Instagram, according to Daily Mail.

If De Pecol is able to complete her marathon of a journey by the end of this year, the two fastest male world travelers currently holding the record will step down from their titles as record holders. Graham Hughes, completed the journey in just under four years, and Yili Liu, toured all 196 countries in three years, three months, and six days in 2010.

De Pecol visits each destination for two to five days, and has gone through four passports en voyage. In an Instagram De Pecol noted "[I] will probably go through one more of these bad boys before I finish."