These Trumpkins Are Really, Seriously Scary

trumpkin, donald trump
Huffington Post

Almost as scary as the real thing...

The inevitable Trumpkins of last year are popping up and around people's houses and social media for Halloween this year and they're gonna be YUGE.

It's not a new idea, of course, people spotted the similar in the round and orange-face man and the round and orange fruit years ago, but the Halloween trend is proving to be timely. With just a month before the long-awaited presidential election to kick off, Trump pumpkins are being set outside of people's houses to haunt the minds of Americans and people the world over for a just little bit longer. Check them out!

Making your own pumpkin can be just as easy. First off grab an orange pumpkin that resembles Trump's face. So basically get any pumpkin. When you carve out the mouth make sure it looks like it can spit out any lie possible. And there you have it!

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