These Disney Channel Commercial Outtakes Suck Out All The Sparkle


That really is so Raven though.

Kids who sat in front of their TV set watching Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven are in their twenties now, but there's no doubt they still look back DCOM and Disney Channel and see magic. Recently outtakes of those CLASSIC commercials with our favorite teens drawing Mickey Mouses's ears have resurfaced and they're getting a lot of attention. And not because of all that sparkle and glitter y'all. A look at the outtakes from the most memorable of Disney commercials that came ‚Äčinto existence in the early '00s reveals quite a lot about the attitude of Lizzie, Raven and their gang.

While these commercials may have seemed like pure magic just a decade ago, Twitter user @hollylikeablvd, has revealed they were actually anything but. Truth is, they were surprisingly awkward. Something you can neither look away from or unsee. ‚Äč

Hilary Duff

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