'The Mindy Project's New Love Interest Hints at Rom Com Comeback

Mindy Project

Here's hoping the show's new additions will mean an upturn for Mindy

The life of Mindy Lahiri is coming back to us on Hulu once again in October and another name just got added to the main character's potential dating roster. This week, The Hollywood Reporter, announced that English actor Jack Davenport, of Smash, is set to guest star as a new Mindy Lahiri love interest. He'll be joining the long list of Mindy's potential suitors including her ex, Danny (Chris Messina), and past boyfs played by B.J. Novak, Bill Hader and Anders Holm.

The season is already looking like its set to be quite a topsy-turvey love ride for the Mindy as her former main man Danny moves into a guest star role in the upcoming season and others move in to woo her (sorry to break it you guys, but this might mean the end for Danny+Mindy). Still, we've left room for hope. The new addition means the show could be doing a major turn around and heading back towards their rom com roots. And you'll remember: that's what got us all hooked on the irreverent doctor and her quirky life packed with eccentric characters and swoon worthy love interests in the first place. Fingers crossed the change will offer up a major turnaround for the beloved show which left audiences wary after her romance with Danny Castellano culiminated with a baby addition and finally came to an end. For the past two seasons it appeared that the sitcom was still trying to discover the root of it's character's journey, jumping into various puddles of comedic and serious tones- losing itself in audience demands and forgetting what it was that made viewers tune in the first place.


But real quick, let's go back to Davenport's guest role. The English actor is set to play Leland Breakfast, an English stage actor who comes to New York to play lead in a one-man show. Amidst the big city distractions, Davenport's character who has a reputation as the "bad boy of the West End" ends up falling in love with our offbeat heroine. Sounds a lot more true to the show's arches of Seasons 1 and 2.

Here's hoping Davenport's addition to the cast will allow audiences to see a comeback of the initial nature of the quick witted show and lovable characters.

The Mindy Project's Season 5 premieres on Hulu on October 4th.