The Internet Is Roasting The '90s On Twitter And It's Cool As Beans


In the midst of pining over the original Sims, people forgot about dialup.

Clothing, media, food packaging and quiz inspiration all indicate that 2016 will forever be known as the year of the '90s hat tip. The past couple of years have culminated into the rehashing of choker necklaces, Lisa Frank designs and "vintage" watches— a time of nostalgia and pining for the days we headed to Blockbuster for Homeward Bound and Jumanji. Yesterday the internet took things to the next level and the 90s nostalgia craze took on a whole new life of its own, with of course: a roast of the 90s on Twitter.

The the new Twitter trend puts a spotlight on what we've overlooked about the 90s in our clouded memories of Orangutan's that drink a type of orange juice, Lisa Loeb and the cush chairs we wanted to decorate our adult rooms with.

So here's a look at the decade in which asking Jeeves a question took longer than seeing the life of your Tamagotchi through fruition, being restricted to a room for telephone conversation on a land line was your daily headache and missing Blockbuster tapes were the original Netflix server connection fail. For you, all of the 90's most roast-able moments: