The Fool Proof Guide To Every Dress Code Ever

Olivia Palermo, celebs, fashion

Because what the H does "creative black tie" mean anyway???

There's nothing like getting a wedding invitation or Holiday invite and finding the dress code reads something like "creative black tie" or "cocktail casual" to make a your head go spinning. Let's face it, while the weddings and fancy birthday parties we get to attend are always the best, having to find the right outfit for these occasions can be an epic pain in the caboose. Never fear! We've broken down exactly what is you need to know for every event that comes your way with a dress code!


You'll wanna bring out all of the stops for this one. While for men, black tie attire is pretty self explanatory: wear a tuxedo, gents. The dress code's a little bit tricky for women. While long dresses are probably the best way to go, the trendy lady can go for separates to a formal cocktail dress. Women ready to make a statement should remember that tuxedos aren't just for the fellows.The best way to figure this out is to model what your host will probably be dawning. Weddings that ask for a black tie look will probably see tons of women in gowns. On the other end, any work function which calls for black tie wear will probably accept your favorite LBD plus statement jewelry.


Things get a bit murky with this dress code. Men get the option of wearing a tuxedo or a darker colored suit along with a tie. (Again, ladies, never fear donning on a pair of slacks for a black tie look). Those looking to stick with a gown or dress, can look for long dresses or a cocktail number for their black tie optional look. Think Oscar worthy looks a little bit more toned down.


You might be thinking there could be nothing more ambiguous than a dress code like "creative black tie" (you haven't gotten to the business casual portion of this then). This dress code calls for a little bit more fun and creativity from the attendees. Men get to ditch the conventions of their regular penguin suit and go for a bit more color with their suits or ties. Women also get to get a little bit more risky with their style voice i.e. go trendy.


Get your guy to go for a dark suit and tie for this dress code. Ladies, will wanna go for a shorter dress that's ready for a whirl around the dance floor. When in doubt, look to your favorite LBD and that statement jewelry you were uncertain you could pull off.


Time to breakout that Christmas sweater and sparkly New Year's skirt! It's time for mashup with the festive dress code. You'll see this one during the holiday season and get excited. This one's similar to the cocktail attire but this time you get to be a little bit more tacky and showy with your look. Think: red sequins and bright green lip stick.


You'll see this dress code on most of your daytime "semi-formal" invitations. Guys still get it easy with their suit and tie, and woman also get to go a little bit more low key with a tailored dress or even a Hillary inspired pantsuit. Think: something you'd definitely wouldn't mind your boss being you wear.


You'll get this call for a business casual dress code in the corporate world most of the time. Ladies get inspired by 80s power suits for this one. Think: pants and a blazer. OR opt for a pencil skirt with a jazzy blouse. DO NOT: try to sneak in jeans or sneakers.


Think: your everyday look but a little bit more fashion forward. You'll want to keep your look casual but the TV version of it. We're talking cute pants and those booties with the heels you haven't pulled on in a while.


This dress code dictates that anything goes. Anything too dressy could mean you'll be standing you like a sore thumb. Carefully consider what's appropriate for different events though.