The Crazy Girl Edit: Bachelor in Paradise Doesn't Care About Her Tears

Ashley I. The BAchelor

The show has been poking fun at the women of the show for being too emotional and it's not a good look.

Bachelor in Paradise, even more than its parent show "The Bachelor" has drawn in audiences with its "crazy girl" edits. You know the ones. The ones where girls like Hayley and Emily talk to each other about the origin of a word and get it wrong, the ones where Ashley S. talks about onions and to "raccoons", the ones like Ashely I. who cry and cry and cry and swear they're not being dramatic before saying they're considering drowning themselves in the near by water. That's because, even though we all claim to be in it for the love, we really just enjoy getting to see someone reveal their worst and ugliest selves.

This most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise has particular narrowed in on this edit for contestants like Lace and even more pointedly Ashely I., whose makeup streamed face can be seen ugly crying and whimpering through the majority of the shows' episodes. Ashley has been, throughout her extended story arch on the Bachelor franchise, particularly narrowed in on for the "crazy girl" edit. Recently something I noticed a bit too late, made me realize how wrong it actually is.

As a character, Ashley I. has received more attention for her tears, criticisms and mean schemes more than any other character in the show and served as the show's tearful caricature. More than any other character on the show, more than any of the guys.

Look. I love Bachelor in Paradise about as much as any other girl who really needs to "wind down" with a bottle of wine after a long day and criticize someone because they look ridiculous on tv. But, I've recently started to feel a bit wary about the ways in which my friends and I "scoff" (read: judge) the contestants on the show.

Sure, Ashely I. who had to have seen the way she had been depicted in her first season of the Bachelor had to know what she was getting into her third time around on the franchise, but a girl's gotta wonder how many smart and intelligent things she must have said that were just cut out and left on the show's editing floor. How many times have the guys tears gone unaired? And why aren't they taking her literal cries for help seriously?

My tune about the show turned in an episode in which Ashley I. did a confessional interview about her unrequited love Jared, an ex whose burgeoning relationship with another girl on the show was particular sad news for her. "This has actually turned into my greatest nightmare," Ashley told the show's camera, "and every day, the nightmare gets darker and darker. I'm getting to the point where I'm looking at the undertow over there, and thinking how desirable it would be to just let myself go into it."

In a moment you might have thought the show would have used one of those PSA's or commercials to talk about depression and mental illness or brought in a therapist, they cut to Ashely admission that just "A couple months ago, my dog died, and she's like my best friend." Through mascaraed tears, she told the camera that "I know she went to heaven, because all dogs do, and even though Lucy's ashes are in a jar in my house, I know that the spirit of my dog Lucy is going to help me on this journey."


The scene finished with Ashley I., praying to her dead dog. "Lucy," Ashley said hands clasped in prayer position as music swelled around her, "please let some guy that I actually will have some sort of instant chemistry and connection with walk in that door, because I'm really scared that I am going to completely lose my mind."

As a way of saying, "oh no audience, don't worry. She's threatening to kill herself but it's funny because she's crazy" the show cuts from Ashley to various dogs pounding around on the beach and running around the ocean. The episode's editors then inserted an image of "Lucy" looking down at Ashley I from doggy heaven.

Pretty ~looney~ stuff to say there right?

The episode took Ashley I.'s heartache and didn't just make her seem like an emotional wreck but it mocked her for it. It's an issue that isn't just insensitive on the editor's part though either it's negligent.