Super Fetch: The Mean Girls Musical Is Happening

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On October 3, he asked me what day it was, and told me about the latest developments in the staging of the Mean Girls musical.

It's even better than getting a treat on candy cane gram day y'all. t ready to feel luckier than Glen Coco on candy cane gram day, because the long-rumored Mean Girls musical is officially happening.

A stage adaptation of the 2004 Tina Fey hit starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, will have its world premiere in Washington, D.C in the fall of 2017.

The news was announced October 3 on the official Mean Girls Facebook page. That's right, the day that has been dubbed Mean Girls day by super fans.

A representative for the creators of the cult classic movie confirmed the news to in a statement that said "they are all really excited and will have a formal announcement with additional information very soon."

Looks like Fetch is finally happening.

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