Southeast Burning: United States Southeast Is Getting Lit

NBC News

Hot damn.

The Short of It:

The US southeast is burning.

The Longer Version of It:

Dozens of wildfires have been raging across Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Virginia for weeks. Over 80,000 acres have gone up in smoke. As of now, it's unclear how all of the fires started. Officials are pointing to arson for at least some of them and several suspects have been arrested. The major drought going through the regions have also been attributed to the fires.

Earlier this week, officials announced that hundreds of people in Tennessee have been hospitalized with breathing difficulties because of the fires. It doesn't help that air quality there isn't getting any better. What's more, TN, KY, and NC have all declared states of emergency for certain areas. A few states have officially told some residents to GTFO. And the air quality's become so poor that schools in NC and SC are telling kids 'recess has been canceled today.'

The Takeaway:

States are spending millions of dollars and sending thousands of firefighters to battle the flames. As of now though, they're still only partially contained, and it's unclear how long it'll take to put them out.