Serena Williams Has Nipples While She Plays Tennis

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Serena Williams has nipples and it's a complete outrage. Really.

1. Serena Williams Thought It Was Totally Fine To Wear Her Nipples To Wimbledon

The Short of It:

Serena Williams is competing at Wimbledon this week and some Twitter users watching the 21-Grand-Slam title holder play were a bit bewildered by the tennis star's nipples.

The Longer Version of It:

During Serena Williams' ferocious go on the tennis courts at Wimbledon this week, there were many viewers who were too distracted by the star athlete's bra. So much so, that they forgot to focus on the actual score of the game.

Most people are aware of Williams' impressive profile and career statistics. She is ranked Number 1 in women's singles tennis and is widely regarded as the greatest female tennis player of all-time. Oh yeah, and she holds the greatest amount of major singles, doubles, and mixed-doubles titles - man or woman. ever. She's a lioness people. But this week at Wimbledon the sports goddess has been on the receiving end of harassment from watchers and bodyshamers who took offense to the appearance her nipples made at the international tennis competition.

Complaints and gripes surrounding Williams' nipples being too visible through her shirt popped up on Twitter and other social media outlets. Check out these tweets by people personally hurt by nipples.

The Takeaway:

Note, no one's commenting on the tennis balls bouncing about in Andy Murray's shorts. With a cool £2million at stake for the prize, we're guess Williams' picked the bra she did because of movement and comfort so that she could pay attention to her game and crush.


For those insanely curious about what the nipple nonsense was all's a picture. Frankly, we think she looks amazing.

Serena Williams Thought It Was Totally Fine To Wear Her Nipples To Wimbledon