Obama Does Foreign Policy Tour To Say 'Just Kidding' About Trump


Obama to assure countries that all is good in the White House hood.

The Short of It:

President Obama has trips overseas to visit world leaders on his 'before I leave' list.

The Longer Version of It:

President Obama will stopping in Greece, Germany, and Peru meeting with everyone from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Chinese President Xi Jinping. In the months leading up to last week's big decision, Obama went around telling the world that a world with a President Donald Trump wouldn't be so great. Now Trump is expected in the White House in January and many of the world's leaders are breaking out into cold sweats. Mostly because Trump campaigned on big ideas that centered around the change of US foreign policy. One big one? NATO. The political and military alliance of 28 countries, including the US, formed during the Cold War might get some rewriting if Trump has anything to say about it. There's also is his interest in no longer playing nice with China when it comes to trade. Now, Obama is expected to spend his visits convincing allies that the US isn't backing away on any of their alliances. Already address Trump's issues with NATO, Obama told foreign countries yesterday, 'no worries,' he and Trump talked about it and the president-elect is on board now.

The Takeaway:

Until last week, Obama's team expected his final tour to be a follow up on his foreign policy legacy including topics such as climate change and the US-backed fight against ISIS. Now, he'll have to muster up faith around the world that the man he spent months saying was "unfit" to be president is committed to US allies abroad.