Mandy Moore Wants To Give Us A 'Walk To Remember' Reunion

Mandy Moore, Music

Mandy Moore's sorry we never got our miracle.

The Short of It:

This one's about a girl you loved back in middle school named Jamie and her soulmate Landon. Mandy Moore told People magazine in an interview at a PaleyFestival Fall TV Preview for her new show "This Is Us" that she'd be down for a A Walk To Remember reunion.

The Longer Version of It:

Still your beating hearts, guys, 'cause if it's true you're gonna need a strong one before it breaks into a million pieces again.

During the promotion of her new show on NBC called "This Is US" the A Walk To Remember actress and singer mentioned that she'd gotten back together with Jaime— scratch that— that she'd been reunited with her former co-star Shane West of A Walk To Remember. During her interview the star of the new show, which surrounds a group of random individuals who share a birthday, told People mag that she and Shane talked about getting cast and crew together for a social media picture. "I feel like we should get together with as much of the cast that is around and see if we can finagle a social media picture or something like that."

While fans of the 2002 romantic drama based off a Nicholas Sparks drama know better than to really expect a sequel to come from the movie that they hold so dear to their hearts, a possible reunion could dare fans to dream. 'Cause let's be real, there's not a lot that could be better than seeing Jaime descend from her spot in bucket list heaven to grace Landon and their North Carolina hometown with her presence. Truth is, we all saw Moore's character Jamie succumb to her illness and it's still tearing us apart all of these years later.

There's no telling when this reunion will happen, but until then fans can watch Mandy Moore in her new show This Is Us set to premier September 20th. Caution: this one's a tearjerker too.