Let's Twist Again: These "This Is Us" Fan Theories Will Kill You

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If you haven't already tuned into the emotion bombing breakout show, it's time to tune into NBC's new show "This Is Us" which premiered September 20th to critical acclaim.

NBC's "This Is Us," created by Dan Fogelman ("Crazy, Stupid, Love"), picks up where fan favorite "Parenthood" left off. The show is a heartfelt look into the intergenerational story of a family battling everyday family problems. The sereis' pilot introduced viewers to Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown), an adoptee who recently tracked down his addict father who abandoned him as a newborn, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), a young couple who are expecting triplets. There's also Kevin (Justin Hartley), the beefcake star of a broad laugh-track comedy he hates and Kate (Chrissy Metz) his insecure and overweight twin sister.

This series' last two episodes have spurred various questions and theories from fans who have found the last two reveals of the episodes to be completely flooring. We're talking jaws to the ground, people. NOTE: Spoilers lie past this point.

After the premiere episode revealed that Kevin, Kate and Randall were actually the children of Rebecca and Jack most viewers had their interest piqued but did not anticipate more dramatic turns ahead. But, "This Is Us"'s second episode which showed on on Sept. 27 got viewers again when the final moments of the show laid bare an older Rebecca now married to Jack's friend Miguel. The second episode revelation revealed that this show won't allow us to doge or hide from it's emotional bombings and by now in the land of "This Is Us" any fan theory is possible.

Anyone who has seen Dan Fogelman's Crazy Stupid Love whose twist gave everyone major "what is happening???" thoughts, might have suspected that bolts from the blue might just be the shtick of the series. After all, before it's premier Fogelman had also granted us a warning, "As we went along, I described it as like a dramedy version of Lost, where you have to understand how everyone's connected and then explore these people as we move forward." Lost was the show that was made famous for its frequent twists and unexpected narrative shifts, so if This Is Us is the family tale engaging story of "Lost", then we should all probably expect the series to knock us out of our chairs.

A look into the various fan theories, probably won't tide you over for the episode that was passed over for the not as interesting VP debate, but it will give you something to look forward to catching in the third episode set to premier on October 11th.

Jack Is Dead


We will not accept any other reason for Jack's palpable absence. The idea of Jack and Rebecca NOT together is just too depressing to bare. There's also the fact that the Big Three discuss the lessons their father taught them in a way that suggests he's certainly not around anymore.

Jack Is Not Dead


Yes, we recognize that this scenario is worse case number uno-- worse than Jack even being dead. Jack might have tried, but let's face it folks, it's possible that Jack just couldn't meet Rebecca's ten and the pair's love disintegrated. (Here's the bright side: if Jack is alive, you know he'll be a total Clooney with that made-up aged look).

If Jack's Dead, His Job Did the Deed


If TV tropes have taught us anything, it's the hard jobs that lead good men to drinking. It's likely Jack died in the line of duty (we wouldn't put it past Jack to be the Elliot Stabler of "This Is Us"). And because, TV tropes, Jack's buddy Miguel helped Rebecca mourn and in the process the two fell in love.

Miguel Got to the Door Before Jack Did


As in, Jack and Rebecca are still married and Miguel tagged along with them for the visit at Randall's. That would put Jack and Rebecca in the still married happily ever column and Miguel not in our villain column. Fingers crossed this is the one.

(BTW: We really don't like love you rn Miguel. )

Wires Got Crossed


Is it possible that Randall actually isn't related to Kate and Kevin? That they aren't related to Jack and Rebecca? Let's be honest, with ourselves for a moment, probably not. BUT Kevin and Kate are pretty common names guys. It is possible that those convos on the phone between Randall and Kevin just happened to match up well. Perhaps Randall's flashbacks are of a different family. Any one could adopt a baby that looks different from their twins and be called The Big Three... right?

This Is Nothing But A Gilmore Girls Fan Show


Jack could be Jess's dad from Gilmore Girls, guys! After all Jack is 36 in the '70s-- it's be perfect timing. Maybe that's why Rebecca leaves his cheating ass? Maybe, Rory comes back and, and, and...

There's plenty more to speculate over! Tell us your fan theories!

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