Judge Sends Bill Cosby To Court


Tuesday, a judge ruled that the 78-year-old will face charges of sexual assault against him in court.

1. Bill Cosby Will Face Trial For Sexual Assault Charges


The Short of It:

Yesterday, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to pursue a criminal sexual assault trial against comedian Bill Cosby.

The Longer Version of It:

Presently, over 50 women have come forward to accuse "The Cosby Show" actor of sexual misconduct. The statute of limitations on most of the cases have been rejected by Cosby and have met their expiration dates and will never see a trial. Andrea Constand was the first to make a formal complaint against the comedian and will be the exception for having filed a claim in January 2005.

Constand met Cosby while he sat on the Board of Trustees at Temple University and accused him of drugging and then assaulting her earlier that year. After Cosby denied the claims and a prosecutor opposed further pursuing the case, Constand filed a civil suit that resulted in a 2006 settlement. Soon after, multiple women began to come out with their own stories of similar encounters with Cosby throughout the stretch of his career, from Sunni Welles in the mid 60s to Chloe Goins in 2008. And then came last year. A deposition from the case was made public and in it Cosby admitted to using Quaaludes on various women and to having sex with teens.

Based on statements from the actor in the deposition, on Tuesday, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that there was a sufficient amount of evidence to go ahead with a criminal sexual assault trial against Cosby. While the statute of limitations has lapsed for many of the women who accuse Cosby, Constand will get to see her day in court after prosecutors reopened the case last year as a flood stream of other accusations against Cosby poured through the news.

The Gist:

Throughout media ruckus surrounding the allegations and lawsuits the women who have made the claims against Cosby have been faced with ridicule, harassment and skepticism from Cosby, his( friends and allies in Hollywood](http://globalgrind.com/2016/01/04/celebrities-who-support-bill-cosby/) and from members of social media. Cosby is going to court to face criminal charges of sexual assault. He faces up to 10 years in prison if a jury convicts him.

Bill Cosby Will Face Trial For Sexual Assault Charges