It's Show Time: Trump and Clinton Face Off For First Presidential Debate

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An elephant and a donkey walk into a debate. Tonight's debate is set to rival the Super Bowl.

The Short of It:

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are set to face off tonight for the first presidential debate of the year at 9PM ET at Hofstra University in New York. Remember JFK, those inspired "binders full of women" costumes and that phase your dad went through calling everything "malarkey" well you can thank the presidential debates for those. So you'll want to tune in.

The Longer Version of It:

The showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is anticipated to make for good T.V. at the very least, and in its spectacle— it's one of the most highly anticipated presidential debates in American history. For 90 commercial-free minutes, Clinton — one of the world's most famous women will join with one of the country's most controversial men in a debate that could transmute the dynamics of the race for Election Day and reveal the true stakes the country has to hold with the direction of its votes.

With a presidential race that, for a time, seemed to be veering off in the favor of Clinton, the debate in New York will be far more than Trump's greatest reality appearance. Trump's showman/ wild card spectacles matched with Clinton's ability to disassemble statements with thorough fact checks, means the outcome for the debate is up in the air as of now.

Here's what everyone will be looking for as the candidates try to win over the country's undecided voters:

Is Trump fit for the Oval Office?

If Trump wants to convince voters about his ability to take on the White House, he'll have to use the three debates to gain their trust and prove that he has what it takes to be commander-in-chief. The Republican nominee has successfully clinched the outrage of many in the U.S. who have yet to feel the effects of the country's economic upswing and hold grudges over the changing face of our country. Still, surveys are revealing that most Americans don't believe in his ability to uphold the office. Tonight's debates will work as Trump's greatest opportunity to display discipline as he debates with Clinton, without his usual brash antics and without running her down ( a hard tone to set when he has already madea threat to seat Gennifer Flowers, a woman President Bill Clinton has addmitted to having an extramarital affair with, in one of the front seats).

Is Clinton trustworthy?

Not a lot of Americans are confident in Clinton's trust factor (thanks private email servers). As Clinton's advantage in the race continues to erode, the Democratic nominee will have to use the debates ahead to cool down skeptics with clear answers and a strong response to the inevitable question about her email practices as secretary of state. Clinton herself will have to hold a spotlight on the opinion that she is ( in many voters eyes) a personification of the country's despised political class.

I'll Drink To That: Here's What They'll Talk About

Break out those glasses, chiefs. This one's gonna be pact full of drinking game opportunities.

Child care:

Trump recently revealed a plan for child care that's about paid leave for new moms and tax breaks, while Clinton's plan works to allow new moms and dads 12 weeks of paid leave to be financed by a tax increase. Here's to every time Clinton says "dads also need time off too," and Trump remarks that she "has no plan."

The Economy:

Trump is expected to take swipes at Clinton for her support of Obama's trade deal, which he claims will take job opportunities away from US workers. Clinton is expected to clap back with reminding everyone that Trump is a billionaire unaware of the American strife. Here's to every time a candidate says they want to "back the middle class".

Foreign relations:

Yesterday, the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with both Clinton and Trump. The US and Israel have been longtime allies, but the relationship between Netanyahu and President Obama has been laced with lots of shade tosses (i.e.: Iran nuclear deal). Here's to overtime Clinton and Trump mention US-Israeli relations/ Trump mentions his friendship with President Putin.


You'll remember Trump has a thing for big walls, while Clinton is looking to create opportunities of citizenship for over 11 million undocumented immigrants. Here's to every time Clinton says "comprehensive immigration reform" and Trump says "secure our borders"

National Security:

After the bombings in NYC and NJ, Trump labeled the attacks as acts of terrorism, while Clinton wanted to bring in the reigns and not jump to conclusions right away. This part of the debate, know that the candidates will be high-key talking about ISIS. Here's to every time Donald Trump says he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and Clinton says she "has the experience' to face decisions concerning terrorism".

The Takeaway:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the final round of the 56th presidential election games! Tonight's debate has a lot at stake for both candidates who will be fighting to gain the upper hand tonight.

Here's where to watch:

■ Start time: 9 p.m. EST

■ Duration: 90 minutes

■ Networks airing: NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN and Fox News.

■ Streaming online: Twitter, New York Times