It's Happening: Donald Trump Gets To Work On The Country


The country moves forward.

The Short of It:

Yesterday, the president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, began strategizing on his White House game plan.

The Longer Version of It:

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton officially conceded the race encouraging her supporters to give Trump "an open mind and a chance to lead." Then President Obama took an opportunity to remind everybody that they're on the "same team". Today, he meets with Trump to talk official White House business. Meanwhile, financial markets which started to tank earlier yesterday have settled down.

Next steps:

Trump will get to work on who comes with him to D.C. and joins his cabinet. Right now it looks as if RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will be his pick for chief of staff, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani might be up for attorney general, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will fill in Hillary Clinton's shoes as secretary of state.

Conservative roads ahead:

The GOP now heads the White House, Congress, and likely very soon, the Supreme Court. Trump is gearing up find a new conservative Justice to keep the balance of the Court leaning right. He's also said his first mission is to get rid of Obamacare, which the GOP and House Speaker Paul Ryan have attempted to do for years. He also still wants to make that wall along the US-Mexico border a reality. There's also a chance he'll pull out of the major international climate change deal that went into effect last week.

There's more:

The country is resisting party unity as of right now. :ast night, thousands of protestors took to the streets of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago chanting things like "not my president, not today" and "we will not be silenced."

The Takeaway:

This election has peeled back the blinds and exposed just how polarized our nation is. Many people are still struggling to swallow the words 'President-elect Trump,' but ready or not here 2017 comes.