It's a Whirlwind: Hurricane Gets An Evacuation The Size of Sandy

hurricane matthew

Atlantic Coast to 'Take One on the Chin'

The Short of It:

As Hurricane Matthew sets its tumultuous path towards the US, over 2 million people have been encouraged to pump up on the gas, stock up on water and canned goods and evacuate their homes. The deadly storm continues to make its way past the Bahamas.

The Longer Version of It:

Remember Hurricane Sandy? It's the hurricane from 2012 that put Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie on the map and cost the country $71.4 billion dollars in repairs and recuperation. This one's expected to be worst.

Today the people of Florida are working on their hurricane drills as Matthew threatens to rain down a foot of showers and bring severe winds. Georgia and the Carolinas are bracing themselves for a pretty un-fun weekend as well

Earlier this week, at least 20 people were killed due to Matthew's visit to the Carribean-- Haiti took a particularly hard hit. Roofs were ripped off of homes, floods took over the streets and power and transportation were completely cut off. Things got so bad that the country put a hold on it's presidential election which was set to go happen this weekend.

*The Takeaway:

This morning's forecast: not great. The Hurricane is expected to create more damage than any Atlantic storm in years.