It's A Circus: The Creepy Clown Craze Is Spreading

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The Sun

Clown phobias have taken on a life of their own.

The Short of It:

The sinister clown scare that started in the southern part of the U.S. over the summer appears to be spreading across the globe. And not everyone finds it so funny.

The Longer Version of It: Unless you've been hiding in a small car packed with a gang of rainbow wig wearers, you know that the reports about creepy sightings of clowns are nothing new in recent weeks, but reports that the appearances of clowns have spread to other parts of the glove have people realizing 'this is no joke'.

Reports of clowns running amok first started to surface in a town called Greenville in South Carolina over the summer, when children began to claim that clowns were trying to lure them into the woods with songs and chainsaws. News of the clown sightings, quickly went viral and eventually took the national media circus by storm. People began to call the police about fiendish clowns trying to children into the woods and chasing people with saws and machetes. Video of clowns roaming along roadsides in the dead of night became the new youtube sensation.Then in late September a teenager from Pennsylvania died after being stabbed by someone who had admitted to harassing neighbors' homes while wearing a clown mask. Now reports of clowns are popping up around the UK and Australia and reports of violent clowns are rising. To which everyone has begun to beg the question, "why did you have to get so serious?"

Now professional clowns, including Ronald McDonald have said this isn't anything to laugh about. Many of the clowns who suit up for birthday parties and events are worried about job security and the McDonald company has said their going to reel back on the number of appearances their mascot makes. Even the dad of 'It,' author Stephen King has come out to say it's "time to cool the clown hysteria."

The Takeaway:

While initial theories that the appearances pointed to an elaborate hoax to Halloween fever, many incidences have raised cause for concern. What we do know is that law enforcement has begun to buckle down on taking the sightings seriously and questions about what to do about them have reached the White House.