International Day Of The Girl Was Empowering

International Day of the Girl, news

Because everyone needs to love Girl Power.

Fans of girl power and social media probably caught wind that yesterday was International Day of the Girl via Facebook frames and social media trends. The United Nations-driven campaign is a fairly new international observance day that came about in 2012 and pushes for advocacy of young women and girls across the globe.

The International Day of the Girl Child initiative stems from a project by Plan International, an international, non-governmental organization, called Because I Am a Girl, which works to encourage the nurturing of girls worldwide, particularly in developing nations.

The annual celebration kicked off in the U.S. with participation from First Lady Michelle Obama, philanthropist Melinda Gates, Emma Watson, and other figures well known for their push for the advancement of women.

International Day of the Girl sets a up a time that allows us to celebrate the power and potential of girls and the progress organizations have made in their effort to help them grow, it's also a day for us to recognize that there is still work to be done when it comes to globally guaranteeing their equality. So many girls are deprived of the education and activism that they are entitled to, International Day of the Girl is a tool that we should all encourage others to celebrate.