How To Defend Yourself From An Attacker Using A Bat


As told by Bey.

We've all been there. You're at home alone, you hear a sound, get a feeling-- something just doesn't feel right. It could be nothing, it may be something. Either way, feeling prepared and ready to defend yourself is key to making sure you feel safe in your own home. In movies, it's a bat that's often the go-to defensive method for home invasion. But properly handling a bat for a big swing and defense can get tricky.

Here's how to defend yourself while you're home alone.

Use a two handed grip


Get a grip at the middle of the baseball handle.

Use a thrusting action, timed with a step


The step will maximize the use of body mass in the strike.

Avoid large swinging motions


Over committed swinging actions can create an opening for the opponent to get inside the arc of the swing and into close range. Go for quick strikes.

Call 911

Anytime you have to defend yourself against someone is a time to call for the police.